wipe your hands, shake it off
then you stand, then you stand

Killian Derrickson, 28, FDNY
this is an indie oc rp account, will rp with any fandom
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unexpected surprise | gian


This wasn’t how he expected to spend their evening either; reminiscing about an event that not only shattered their perceptions of their own lives but everyone elses lives. He exhaled heavily as he felt the man’s hands moving down his body, over his bare skin and backside. “I’m sorry,” he said and looked at him, reaching his hands up to push his fingers against Killian’s face. “My boyfriend died. We had been best friends in high school and moved here together, we shared an apartment and … he died,” he whispered against his lips, pressing soft kisses against his lips. 

"You made me this," he whispered. “I didn’t want to be a doctor. My parents were doctors and nurses, I did not want this for myself until you." He grunted and shifted, pushing his hips against Killian’s, letting his erection rub against the younger mans. No shame in it, no hurry, just a friction that sent electric through his entire body for a split second. 

He turned his head at the tender kiss on his skin before dipping his head low and lifting it to meet his mouth in another kiss. He had no idea how far Killian had ever gone but he reckoned he’d find out. He reached between them and grabbed both of their erections together, sliding his hand along them both. 

Killian arched his hips up to meet Gian’s, with the way he slid his hand between them, Killian ended up moaning out loudly, back arched and head falling to one side. “I’d gladly go back to being a nurse if that meant I was your nurse.” He mumbled, his eye lids fluttered closed. He slid his hands down Gian’s back and found his rear. He gave him a firm grope while leaning up and kissing him on the lips, a soft passionate kiss.

He never thought he’d find this. Never thought it’d happen. He never expected, even for a second, that he would find someone to call his own. And he never expected it to be the man he’d insulted and hurt on levels that… well. He didn’t want to think about it. He was sobering up, and to be frank - he was fine with that, delighted even. It meant he’d remember this. It meant he’d wake up in the morning and feel as warm as he did now. 

He’d remember this day. He’d remember it as… the day he let down all his barriers and… fell in love. Was this love? It had to be. He couldn’t think of another emotion that could cause him to feel so good. Not happiness, joy or excitement made him feel as warm and perfect as this. He was, most definitely, in love. 

unexpected surprise | gian


Gian realized that he had to look like a crazed and battered maniac being ushered out of the building by some firefighters — shouting in Italian and not a spell of English. Gian had been putting himself in more danger by helping people instead of helping himself; he wanted to do more and he wanted to save his friends and perfect strangers, but there was only so much he could do. Covered in blood, burns and bruises, speaking no English, he was sure he looked insane to whomever worked on him. 

And then there was Killian, trying to calm him and hold him down to get him help, but he just wasn’t having it. If he hadn’t listened, he would have died in that building with Vinnie and he wouldn’t be here now. None of this would have happened and he wasn’t sure that he liked the idea of that. 

He shifted over Killian when he moved into the position of laying back on his couch. Gian lowered himself down between Killian’s legs and met his mouth in another kiss. Despite their hurried actions in the bar, this didn’t feel rushed at all; in fact, it didn’t feel sexual anymore at all. He felt Killian’s hands in his hair and he looked up at him, tilting his head to look at him. “I know,” he whispered. “If you hadn’t insisted, I wouldn’t be here.” And he wasn’t sure that Killian would be either. 

"I was just stubborn, but if that makes me a hero … " he smiled as he turned his head into Killian’s hand, pressing his lips against his palm. Killian was the real hero, getting him help for injuries that could have killed him if he had let them go any longer. His head injury was severe enough that they had to put him in a medical coma for a week to reduce the swelling. His face and neck were scarred from the cuts and burns as were his arms. But that didn’t seem to matter to Killian — he knew where they came from without Gian having to speak. 

"And you are mine," he commented before their mouths met in another kiss, reaching between them to drag his fingers against Killian’s bare hip.

Killian moved his hand down and met Gian’s. It wasn’t how he had expected to spend the night, even when they were leaving the bar he’d imagined some hot, intense, lust filled sex that ended with him getting dressed and leaving but this was everything except. This had raw emotion, raw feelings - they were opening up to each other on some level. He pushed his hips up against Gian’s, he broke away from him to breathe heavily, his eyes half closed - but he still looked up at the older man.

"I would’ve killed myself. My sister died in the towers. You inspired me to devote my life to helping." He murmured. He leaned up and kissed him again. He broke a smile, eye lids fluttering open again, he laid back on the couch and pushed his hips up into Gian’s and rolled. "Should’ve known I’d end up like this with you." He murmured, and he chuckled, his thumbs rubbed against Gian’s rear end then laid back, his body falling back onto the couch.

He leaned up and kissed him against the cheek, then against his lips once more. He hummed softly. This was extremely intimate - and he liked it, loved it. It felt right, perfect, just… amazing. Oh god. It was just… he couldn’t even begin to put to words what this was, but he couldn’t say he wasn’t enjoying it. He really, really did enjoy it.

unexpected surprise | gian


Gian’s nimble fingers made quick work of Killian’s jeans, leaving them wide open and letting his hands rest on the man’s hips as he started to speak. He had been attracted to those blue eyes from the first time he saw them and that was such a cliche thing to say — he was such a straggly young thing back when they met. It was such a passing fancy that got lost in the gravitas of the day at hand. 

He met his eyes and held on to them, listening to him speak about 9/11. It was a day that punched him in the gut every so often as he walked by the memorial site. It was a PSTD that would never go away for him. He accepted all of the kisses, being taken back twelve years to that fateful event. Gian had been upstairs with his boyfriend at the time when the plane crashed, helping people get out of the building, going up higher and higher, closer to the wreckage and despite being incredibly injured, he just couldn’t live with himself otherwise.

He had been forced out of the building and to a waiting ambulance, burned and battered, bleeding from his head and face. He leaned into KIllian’s touch and listened to his words in a far off way. He accepted the deep kiss and shifted once Killian sat back down in his lap. “You saved me, if you hadn’t insisted, I would have been there when the buildings collapsed.” He reached up and pressed his hands to Killian’s cheek. “Small scrap of a thing you were then,” he murmured just before kissing him again.

And something did feel different about it — something heavier and more weighted. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but it made his stomach turn and twist. 

He was naked, on another naked man’s lap, they were kissing - in such a manner that was far from lust. He’d never felt like this before. And if he were honest, Killian was a little afraid, a new adventure, a new feeling - treading waters he had never once in his life touched before - it was almost too much.

But the kiss felt perfect, despite arguing twelve years ago, getting in a ridiculous insult fight while trying to hold Gian down and get him serious medical attention, he knew this is where he needed to be. He knew that this, this relationship, was supposed to happen. And somewhere in the back of his mind he realized… he was meant to be with him.

He shifted his weight, pulling Gian over him as he relaxed back on the couch. His fingers slid through Gian’s hair and tangled. There was nothing like this, no relationship he’d had before - no kiss. He broke away to breathe heavily, filling his burning lungs with air. He stared up at Gian’s brown eyes. One hand slid down his body and touched his hip. He looked up at him and smiled just slightly, then looked down and brushed his thumbs against his skin.

"I couldn’t leave you in there. I couldn’t let them not take you - you were so beaten up that…" He paused, he brought his thumb up and trailed a faint scar on Gian’s face. "You’re my hero." He murmured, then he closed the gap between their lips again and… he felt it, all the way to his toes and back. His body felt like it caught fire this time and… he knew he was screwed.

unexpected surprise | gian


Gian kept the kiss up and slid one hand up into the man’s hair, giving it a nice tug. He shifted to get his shirt up to his neck, but didn’t break the kiss to remove it. It was all just way too good. All the while, he kept rolling his hips against Killian’s, his hands going back to his hips to guide him. He looked up at him and smirked a little when the shirt came off, leaving him completely naked now. He really had no shame about his body, not ever, but there were times when he was more insecure than most.

But right now wasn’t that moment. 

He kissed him again, once more shifting his hips to roll them against the younger mans. He had so much to learn and Gian could teach him easily. IT wasn’t necessarily about teaching, it was about pleasure and both parties gaining it whatever the cost. 

Gian breathed heavily against his lips, bringing his hands up to push his palms over his face to get handfuls of his hair. He kept moving his hips before dropping his hands to start unbuttoning his jeans. 

Killian slid his hands through Gian’s hair, letting the kiss go long enough to catch his breath. He pushed his hips down then glanced down and watched as Gian started to undo his pants. He smiled then lifted his head up and looked at Gian’s face. He slid his thumbs against his cheeks. He hadn’t felt quite like this before. His stomach didn’t flip flop as badly as it was right now - never in the history of his life.

He slid his thumbs against Gian’s cheeks. “I wanted to die after 9-11.” He whispered. He kissed Gian repeatedly on the lips, breaking away to breathe softly and continue. “But there was this guy - this strange guy, he was beat to hell and burned. He was in the ER, I was trying to take care of him but he refused to sit down and be taken care of.” He mumbled. “I had to restrain him, push him down.” He kissed Gian, his tongue slid into his mouth for a moment before he stood back and got the last of his clothes off his body.

He sat back down on Gian’s lap. “And I told myself, if I survive, I could see him again. If I lived on… maybe I’d get to meet my hero again.” He murmured then he took him in a full on, passionate, slow… loving kiss. Something so drastically different. Something that screamed - this was not just lust.

unexpected surprise | gian


Gian looked down at him and was barely focusing on the words that he was saying. Did he just say that he wasn’t very good? He certainly felt like he was very good. He shifted a bit and shook his head, smiling a bit. “You’re doing fine,” he said, the words feeling as though they were far away and he was hearing them from a distance. He exhaled a little and gasped loudly when he started at it again. 

He dropped his head back against the couch cushions and closed his eyes, letting his body take control and let himself get lost in the feeling of it. He reached down to slide his fingers through the younger man’s hair just for the hell of it and not so much to pull on. 

Opening his eyes wide, he looked up at Killian when he crawled over him, pushing his denim clad hips against his bare body, making him arch his own hips for more friction. He reached for Killian’s hips and held them, guiding them and rolling them against his own body for the moment. His patience and his desire were taking over but he knew he had to keep the need for control at bay. This one had to learn. He exhaled and leaned in to kiss him, his hands still on Killian’s hips. 

He pushed his hips up against him again, slowly and deliberately, taking his time. 

Killian kept his lips locked with Gian’s. He slid his hands down and slowly pushed Gian’s shirt up over his chest. He wrapped his arms around him when he got it to his shoulders, no desire to break his heated, passionate kiss yet. He shifted his hips to move with Gian’s. He moaned against him. He pulled his head back, breaking the kiss. He swore and pushed his hips down against Gian’s. He looked down then looked up at him. he pulled the shirt up and off him, tossing it to the side.

His lips found Gian’s again. His fingers slid gently against his neck and he held on for another passionate kiss. He barely moved now. His entire focus moving to the kiss. He wasn’t really thinking about anything except the kiss. Because… he’d been holding back his attraction to Gian for so damn long, he wanted to make sure the man knew exactly how he felt.

He broke away, barely. He breathed then kissed him again. He was probably becoming a little too invested, but he couldn’t help himself, nor did he want to.